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Klemen Volontar

  • Born in 1962 on Jesenice, Slovenia
  • Member of Alpine Club Jesenice since 1964
  • Alpinist since 1980
  • Member of Mountain rescue association of Slovenia since 1984
  • Instructor of mountaineering and climbing since 1985
  • MRS instructor since 1992
  • Rescue dog handler since 1990
  • Mountain walking guide UIAA all categories
  • International Mountain Leader (UIMLA)
  • President of Associacion of Mountain Leader of Slovenia


Enthusiast, idealist, volunteer... versatile active mountaineer, rescuer, rescue dog handler, instructor, lecturer and active instructor and guide AAS - Mountain walking leader UIAA and International Mountain Leader (UIMLA)


When I first visit Paklenica in 1977 I became an addict. I was a member of one of the first expeditions on Lofoten island - Norway (1980),best replica watches I have visited mountains of Hoggar (Ahagar) in Algerian desert (1983), saw sands towers of east Germany and of Czech Republic (1984), I cruised the Central Alps and guided an expedition to Aconcaqua (1995). After the year of 2000 I visit Nepal each year. Beside organization and guiding tours in the last ten years, I have been mostly active as an rescue technic instructor and rescue dog handler at MRAS, worked as an instructor and lecturer for the Commission of Alpinism of MAS, for Slovenian Kennel Club and trained Slovenian mountain guides for Mountain association of Slovenia.

I have organized and cooperated at more than 50 different courses:
  • Winter alpine course - beginner and advanced level
  • Courses for alpine instructors
  • Glacier course
  • Rope technics for rescue dog handlers of Slovenian Kennel Club
  • High buildings rescue technics- beginner and advanced level (Croatia, France)
  • Courses for rescue dog handlers of MRAS
  • Courses for avalanche dog handlers (Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovak Republic)
  • Avalanche awareness days
  • Courses dedicated to safe mountaineering
Ko bo posekano zadnje drevo, zastrupljena zadnja reka, ulovljena zadnja riba,
takrat boste ugotovili, da denarja ne morete jesti!